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We would love to hear from you.

Please give us a call!
Anne         0401 226 048.
Graeme    0419 873 495
Russell      0423 157 576
Or write to us at info(at)vbag.org.au


We are a group of owners and other supporters in the community focused on action, advocating for genuine reform of the building industry, including its poor governance and maladministration. We want to change the imbalance of power and immediately reduce, and ultimately stop the systemic harm to building consumers in Victoria and Australia. This will only be possible if we are strong and united, with a large membership committed to demanding real change and realizing our rights.

Our objectives for building consumers are to:

  • Enlighten the public on the serious harm caused by the flawed building regulatory framework
  • Stop the devastating damage caused to hundreds of thousands of home owners and their families every year in Victoria and Australia
  • Advocate for change and lobby the Government so that we can achieve real reform and consumer protection through reclaiming our consumer voice and consumer rights
  • Expose the truth of the domestic building industry, including owners’ loss of their entitlement to consumer protection and the failure of successive Governments to reform the industry’s governance, to enforce building and consumer laws and to ensure a fair marketplace
  • Inform and educate owners and the community on how systemic failure, corruption and injustice became entrenched in the governance of the building industry and offer support to those seeking help
  • Provide specific information targeted to support those currently building, thinking of building or considering buying houses, units or apartments
  • Caution home owners who may consider building, extending or renovating, including providing information on the many pitfalls which pose a serious risk of harm
  • Alert the community of the very poor built environment and the perils of building or buying in what is a totally lawless industry, this now on the public record for the last 22 years
  • Build a dynamic, substantial membership of owners, supporters and others in the community who understand the unfair, unjust system and command a powerful voice to drive change
  • Allow owners and their families the opportunity to know who the good builders and who the cowboy builders are, making this transparent for all interested

We want to hear from Building Consumers.

  • Building consumers who have experienced their own personal tragedies through the failed building industry and been damaged by what is now a colossal consumer disaster
  • Building consumers who are planning to build, extend or renovate, seeking information prior to making any decision to commit to building and wanting tips to minimise the risk of harm
  • Building consumers and supporters who want to be better informed and educated on this issue
  • All in the community who believe in consumers having a voice as a fundamental democratic principle, who support access to basic ‘consumer rights’ and believe in fairness and justice
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