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The evidence of Victoria`s home building disaster.

Melbourne’s high-rise nightmares taking a tall toll on residents and investors

Couples seven year battle to build Caufield North dream home beset with problems.

When your dream home becomes a nightmare Clare Kermond The Age 16 Aug 2015 Victorians fleeced on insurance The Age 2011

Victorians fleeced on insurance The Age 2011

Verdict Finds Consumers Unprotected Fifth Estate 28 June 2015 Anne Paten

VBA External-Wall-Cladding-Audit-Report-February-17-2016

Thousands affected by slab heave Aug 2014

Silvagni Her Sun 13 May 2013

SAME OLD SYSTEM Anne PatenThe Age Letters 4 December 2012

Safety at risk over building misconduct Age Online 12 Dec 2012

Owners find homes are cracking under pressure Blame the owners story

No Acc for Surveyors 700 misconduct Andrew Heaton 6 Aug 2015

Missing Builder Adam Carey The Age June 2011

Minister’s $10,000 dinners The Age 5 March 2013

Metricon ordered to rebuild Shelley Softley Dec 2014

Inadequate Soil Reports Mark Whitby 11 Nov 2015 Web of soil, builder, sur and engineer

How building blocks came tumbling down The Age 19 May 2012

Hospital on High Risk Fire List The Age Aisha Dow 31 Oct 2015

Her Sun KORFIATIS Dreams laid waste 14 July 2007 STILL NOT FIN in 2015

GARDNER GROUP Mount Waverley surveyor linked to Docklands apartment July 2015

Fire brigade slams building authority over cladding Aust Katherine Towers 9 Dec 2015

Fake Engineer Confesses after Four Decades Sourceable Marc Howe 13 Aug 2014

Dreams Ruined Gormani Homes went bust ACA 15 May 2013 and Gormani returns 14 Aug 2013 ACA

Dodgy Building Checks Exposed Age Baker and Mc Kenzie 11 Apr 2012

Building Watchdog Shambles The Age Baker and Mc Kenzie 4 Apr 2012

Building watchdog chief awarded contract to friend The Age Baker and Mc Kenzie 1 Feb 2013

Building Watchdog Chaos Age Baker and Mc Kenzie 10 Dec 2012 Corruption

Building regulator left public in the dark Age Baker and McKenzie 30 Nov 2012 Tony Arnel

Building Permits System Damned The Age Adam Carey and Clay Lucas 7 Dec 2011

Building Chief’s Chinese Banquets The Age Baker and McKenzie 6 April 2012

Builders wined dined by regulator The Age 5 Apr 2012

Builder LEND LEASE in frame over hospital CLADDING The AUSTRALIAN Nov 9, 2015

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