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Systemic Failure of the home building industry. Dodgy, Shonky bad builders leaving consumers with ruins instead of houses.

The Australian building industry has suffered from systematic and systemic failure for decades. In the case of Victoria, we now have overwhelming evidence to confirm that this ‘system’ has been malfunctioning for the last 22 years. There are a myriad of problems in the building industry and most profoundly across the Government Departments and agencies. Successive Governments have been unwilling to attempt to clean up the industry; unwilling to regulate and control the industry; unwilling to consider remedying its many serious failings; and exceedingly unwilling to act to provide any protection for consumers.

Time and again Governments have been informed of the facts, including the manifest maladministration and deplorable governance. Notoriously dubbed “a hot potato”, Governments and their bureaucratic advisors have negated the reality of a corrupted industry, abrogated their responsibilities to enforce compliance with building and consumer laws and worst, the responsible Ministers and their bureaucratic advisors have concealed the truth that building consumers are totally unprotected. Consumers have been left powerless, disadvantaged, vulnerable and at risk, all utterly helpless to prevent serious harm.

Consumers and the public have been betrayed. Official policy has made it impossible to access accurate information, and in its place consumers have been provided with false statistics and misleading material, preventing them from having any possibility of safeguarding their interests and avoiding detriment. Consumers are not considered ‘stakeholders’ and thus they have been excluded from any consultation. Consumers have been refused representation in any forum and despite the supposed consumer laws, they and their ‘consumer rights’ have been rendered non-existent. At the same time, the fiasco that is the building industry has been downplayed, the appalling governance suppressed and the consequences for consumers and the community largely covered up.

The fallout for the community have been extremely devastating. We can point to our now ‘third world’ built environment as a major casualty, the widespread use of sub-standard and non-compliant building products and materials which threaten the lives of ordinary people across the country and the catastrophic consequences for consumers unparalleled in our history.

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