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True Story Videos

Runaway Builder

More Rogue Tradies

Melbourne Builders and Waffle Pods

Cracking Up

Women jumps out of building from fire

Lacrosse Apartment Fire Melbourne

Lacrosse Building Public Meeting

Docklands Apartment Fire

Other Videos

> Today Show exposes Building Insurance Scam   

>ABC 7.30 Safety Concerns over Chinese Steel 17 Nov 2015

> ABC Non-compliant External Cladding‘News High Rise Time Bomb’ 28 May 2015

> ABC High rise time bomb warning

Dodgy Builder Gormani Homes ACA 14 Aug 2013

Wall collapse North Melbourne Wed 20 April 2016

> Melbourne Wall Collapse Building Contaminated with Asbestos

Wall collapse How System Failed 20 April 2016

Wall collapse Grollo 3 April 2013 – ‘The Wall and why it collapsed’ 2 dead

Whistleblower feared for worker safety in lead-up to Perth building sites deaths 

Insurance Investigators and bullying

Fire Breaks Out UAE 29 March 2016

Australian steel industry issues warning safety standards of imports

>  Comminsure Money for Nothing 

More Comminsure ripped off 

Firefighters battle huge blaze near Dubai

Home Truths on housing affordability, but not quality

Sydney woman’s off-the-plan apartment unliveable seven years after          construction

The stories tell the story – about RIGHT V WRONG!

No consumer protection – proof this the case for last 23+ years!  

No possibility for owners to be informed and to make informed choices!

No enforcement of laws and regulations – hence how builders operate in a system biased against owners and one which protects builders no matter their conduct! ‘No Resort’ Insurance – compelled to pay but 99% can never claim!  Meaningless registration, few penalized and anyone can become ‘registered builder’!    

Large number of builders declare ‘insolvency’ to avoid obligations – and many start up again next day Gormani video an ‘insolvency’ and large number of owners impacted!                

A Lawless industry naturally creates ‘disputes’ – and feeds a large ‘dispute industry’.

No possibility anywhere for redress or compensation!

West Gate Bridge Collapse

Home Wrecker Shifting slabs leave cracks in Australian Dream Home

Senate Inquiry into non conforming products

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